Whisky Releases

All Dirty Prospector Whisky is 100% Corn Mash

Matured for at least 49 days in Oak, bottled at 49% ABV

Distilled, bottled, and sold at Wille's Tin Shop in Long Beach, California



October 2020: Batch 1 "Founder's Edition"

Our very first whisky features an oloroso sherry matured drink. A decadent pour that is smooth, bold, fruity, and spicy that leaves you with a dirty good ol' time.



December 2020: "Dirty Peat"

For our second expression, we took our light, clean, fruity whisky, and put it into an Ardbeg barrel to rest for a minimum of 49 wondrous days! There is nothing "dirty" about the aromas and the flavors, the "peated" scotch that had been aged in the barrel previously adds depth and complexity-- a lovely juxtaposition to the delicate nature of our original spirit.

Hints of smoke, chocolate, roasted coffee, and almond are set against soft fruit.

It is a clean and exciting deliberation of nuance to savor and enjoy while you contemplate your next adventure, or celebrate your last one.



January 2021: Batch 2 of Oloroso Sherry

The second release of our flagship Oloroso Sherry casked whisky. Just like the first one, a decadent pour that is smooth, bold, fruity, and spicy. But aged longer, therefore, borrowing more of the characteristics that our delicious barrel has to offer.

Available for purchase at Wille's Tin Shop


TBD: "Feelin' Peachy"

Matured in the most delectable peach brandy barrel.

Coming soon in the Fall of 2021.

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