Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I buy Dirty Prospector?

A: You can buy our whisky through our distiller/partner Wille's Tin Shop and is available for pick up only at sister establishment Roxanne's.

Q: Do you ship your whisky?

A: Not yet ---- we are working on getting it into local liquor stores and on CA shipping. 

Q: Where is Dirty Prospector made, and what is it made out of?

A: Our whisky is 100% distilled and bottled in Long Beach, California. It is made out of 100% corn mash and is aged in various oak barrels. Check out our whisky page for more details on each expression.

Q: What are those floaty things on the bottom of the bottle?

A: The floating residue that accumulates on the bottom is a byproduct of our non-chill filter processed whisky. When the whiskey is cooled, some esters, sugars, or residue from the mash or the barrel clump together. Some whisky companies decide to filter that out (hence chill filtering) because it makes the whisky less cloudy at times. We don't because that's flavor and we didn't want to lose that in our bottle.

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