Dirty Prospector Whisky

A true local small-batch whisky proudly made in Long Beach, CA. This 100% grain whisky is triple distilled, finished in an Oloroso Sherry cask with charred American oak. Smooth, bold, fruity, and spicy -- a decadent dirty good ol' time!

Batch 3 now available & Batch 4 coming soon!

Available exclusively for pick up at Wille's Tin Shop.



The year 1849, the peak of the California Gold Rush, arguably the largest mass migration in U.S. history, showed the world the lengths people would go to only to get a chance at striking gold and turning their rags into riches. And even if you arrived in the Golden State, there were no guarantees that this would happen. But despite that, immigrants and merchants from all over the world wanted to experience this opportunity for themselves.


Would you believe that this phenomenon is still happening today? People all over the world still come to California to chase and fulfill their dreams. 


In honor of the legacy and in support of the dream that is only accomplished through hard work, the Dirty Prospector brand was born. 


A whisky that is proudly distilled and bottled in Long Beach, California’s only family-owned distillery— Wille’s Tin Shop. And a diverse team of modern prospectors that celebrates the hustle both old and new. 

We bring you the Founder's Edition.



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